Personal Training

Annie Yoho is located in Louisville, Kentucky and offers one-on-one personalized training as well as group classes. She specializes in helping people improve balance, increase muscular strength, increase cardio endurance and improve overall health. She’s worked with cancer survivors, teen athletes and mature adults.

Individual Training

Session One
Annie will conduct an in-depth interview to discuss needs, goals and health history. She will uncover your motivations and address special health concerns.
Session Two
Annie will conduct any necessary fitness assessments to set benchmarks and realistic goals. She may check things like body alignment, balance, cardiovascular endurance, core strength, and general strength.
Session Three and Beyond
You’ll receive a customized fitness plan based on your specific needs. Annie will guide you through a full workout, and in consecutive sessions, progress your level as you grow stronger.

Group Training
Groups are less customized, but ideal for people who enjoy a social setting. If you have a group of friends who want to get in shape, contact Annie about her Boot Camp classes. You may work with bands, medicine balls, dumbbells, partners and your own bodyweight.

Contact Annie at for more information about availability and fees.

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