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Welcome to my site! I imagine there are a lot of people out there who need daily fitness inspiration. Some days I wake up feeling like I can conquer the world. And other days, I just want to crawl back under the sheets and snooze a few more. No matter how most of us feel, we have to get out of bed. You may have a job or a family that count on you. Let’s make the best of it by taking a few minutes to focus on fitness.

My goal is to help you find the JOY in fitness again.  Because that’s what really motivates us, right?  You’re not going to wake up excited about running at 5am if you don’t enjoy it.  You’re not going to commit to weight-lifting 3 days a week if it doesn’t light your fire.  Sometimes we’ve lost our spark because we’re bored — or we’ve chosen the wrong sport.  My hope is that you find inspiration in these pages to fall in love with fitness again.

Why listen to me? I was a chubby teenager with a terrible self-image. One day a friend introduced me to “aerobics” and my world changed. I discovered my strength and found my confidence through taking her classes. Eventually I became an instructor and taught group fitness for 10 years. My love affair with fitness continued through endurance running. After helping with Spring training for a middle school football team, I decided to pursue my personal trainer certification, which I accomplished in 2013 through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). I battled breast cancer in 2014, but continued to run and train through 20 weeks of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation. Today I help cancer survivors regain strength and confidence through the YMCA Livestrong program.  I also work with mature adults who want to improve balance, flexibility, strength and endurance.

My Focus:

  • To help adults become stronger and healthier by discovering joy and transformation in fitness
  • To help cancer survivors build balance, strength, endurance, flexibility and confidence


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